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So you live in Medford New Jersey and you are about to put the house on the market. One detail that has never come to mind, but has been brought to your attention by the home inspector is the roof needs to be cleaned. Your moved out list just keeps getting bigger! You might turn to your significant other and ask the question, “how do you clean a roof?  Cleaning a roof is no easy job and should be done by trained professionals. Of course there are magic spray formulas that are user friendly and promise the most amazing results, but unfortunately many Medford customers find out the hard way that roof cleaning on their own is a serious job and should be done by a professional. That’s where Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning really becomes the answer to your problem. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is located on the boarder of Medford and Marlton, New Jersey. These are the following reasons why Aqua Boy roof Cleaning is right for you!First, We are a locally owned business, and that’s important if your familiar with Medford and our family has lived the area for 20 plus years! Aqua Boy has donated services to the township of Medford and has cleaned Main Street after those memorable family parades every season. We are absolutely a part of the community. Secondly, We have a proven track record within Medford and Medford Lakes. We clean hundreds of Medford and Medford Lakes roofs effectively and safely every season. An outside company cannot match our relationship with Medford. We know the people of the town and the area in which we live in. Third, Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is a leader and considered an “Expert” in the roof cleaning industry. From our eco-friendly soaps to our professional low-pressure / soft wash system, Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning arrives at your Medford residence prepared with trained and certified staff. These systems are not a power washer. These systems are designed to deliver the correct amount of soap and pressure during the entire cleaning process. The pressure is equivalent to the pressure of an average garden hose. Every step in our process comes with years of training and education to bring about the highest results possible. We are so sure that our Roof Cleaning abilities are the best in Medford and Medford Lakes, we offer a 5YEAR SPOT FREE WARRANTY on all roof Cleaning.  Lastly, Medford and Medford Lakes has some of the most breath taken lakes, and scenery in the State of New Jersey. When it comes to safe guarding your landscaping and the environment Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning makes this top on our list. We arrive with three uniformed staff. That’s right! Our family owned business cares about the relationships we build on any job. The price of paying for labor and keeping cost down, well lets just say we leave that up to outside companies miles away. Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning is Local to Medford and maintaining our reputation and customer base with excellent results and affordable prices is our main objective. Call for a free estimate and will stop by to discuss your roof-cleaning project or just drop you a free hand written estimate within 24 hours! If you’re looking for that hometown customer service from start to finish Aqua Boy Roof Cleaning can and will exceed your expectations.













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Aqua Boy Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning. Experience the difference! Giving our customers excellent results at affordable prices.

Aqua Boy Power Washing can quote your next job – Certified Low Pressure Cleaning & Safety Standards that put our customers at ease.